Akonadi EWS Resource – first bugfix release

In the initial release announcement I have promised to focus on calendar support. Unfortunately I haven’t had that much time for development as I initially anticipated. In the meantime some early adopters have uncovered a number of issues that have since been fixed. In order to deliver those fixes I have decided to issue a bugfix release (0.8.1).

This release doesn’t bring any significant new features to the Akonadi EWS Resource. The most important changes include:

  • Improved collection tree retrieval:
    • Fixed full collection tree synchronisation for some servers (bug #2).
    • Fixed incremental collection tree synchronisation.
    • Reduced the number of full collection tree retrievals by keeping the state persistent.
  • Fixed Qt 5.7 compatibility
  • Fixed crash upon encountering a distribution list item (bug #7).
  • Improved behaviour in case of temporary server connection loss.
  • Added option to customise User Agent string sent to the server.
  • Added option to enable NTLMv2 authentication.
  • Allow specifying an empty domain name (bug #3). Requires KF 5.28 to have any effect.
  • Fixed dates when copying items from other resources to the Sent Items folder (bug #5).
  • Improved batch item retrieval performance (will be effective with KDE Applications 16.12).
  • Add synchronisation of collection tree upon connection. Fixes empty collection tree after adding a new resource until a manual mail fetch is triggered (bug #15).

As promised before I intend to focus on calendar support and hope to get it running in the next release.


6 thoughts on “Akonadi EWS Resource – first bugfix release

    1. Bump! Could you post instructions on how to compile it? I can’t find any install instructions with the zip i downloaded from github. Thanks.


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